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Science, Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing (STEM) based subjects cover a whole array of different topics covering the land, air and sea. The continuous development and innovation in STEM based subjects will improve the quality of life, extend our existance in the world and help us explore the abyss of space - time.

The energy sector will continuously thrive on innovative technology to make energy generation more environmentally friendly, next generation manufacturing techniques to reduce power station production costs, scientific knowledge to develop fusion and engineering to put theory into practice.

Why DO We Care?

The founders of Great Western Energy have been educated in STEM based subjects and therefore have an inherent obligation to educate the next generation. This is not just a a recruitment excercise for the STEM subjects, but an excercise to engage with people who don't have a passion in STEM subjects with the hope of spreading the word of the great things that happen in these subjects. Afterall, we could be talking with the generation of politicians, entrepreneurs or business leaders, but more importantly the next generation of mums and dads.

E = mc2

This very equation describes the meaning of energy, which is part of our name and industry. It was derived by Albert Einstein, and is not just a description of the energy sector, but also part of the founding principles of the universe we occupy.

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Innovative developments are becoming more challenging day-by-day as new technology is produced, managed and developed. The first car was produced in 1807 powered by the internal combustion engine and since modern technology has managed to introduce new propulsion methods, aerodynamic concepts and crash technology. The point is, technological developments happen at rocket car pace!

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There are many demands that the energy sector is going to have to meet over the coming years that have been enforced by environmental legislation, fossil fuel depletion and energy generation costs. These challenges will be tackled in two parts, long-term and short-term. The solutions include:

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SMART Technology

Smart technology will help raise awareness in the way we consume energy, increased insulation in our homes and energy efficient technology such as LED light bulbs. More emphasis has been placed into reducing energy consumption in the work place with government levys, taxes and incentives.

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Renewable energy generation

Renewable energy generation can exist in many forms including nuclear, hydroelectric, photovoltaics, wind and wave. The most efficient form of energy generation is hydroelectric, where the conversion of gravitational potential energy to electrical energy is approximately 80% and photovoltaics usually are the least efficient at or below 20%. The biggest issue with renewable energy generation is the cost per kWh is much higher than fossil fuel power stations.

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How can we help?

We are open to visiting local community organisations to educate society on the modern challenges faced in the energy sector and STEM based industries. We can use our wide range of skills to talk on STEM in addition to entrepreneurship and business management.

If you are interested in one of us holding a talk, or even mentoring a student, please contact us through the "Get In Touch" page.